Monday, July 9, 2012

Upside-Down Planters: A Work in Progress

For the upside-down planters I followed the instructions I had posted in my previous blog post. I reused Nestle' water bottles. I cut the bases and tops and used a hair dryer to invert the tops inwards. I used a nail to puncture holes in the cut off bases. Sumaya and I then wrapped the bottles with thick Canson paper, securing it using glue and duct tape. Then we wrapped the decorative paper around sticking it with glue. Tomorrow once the glue dries we will be covering the outside with glue so when it dries, it hardens and plasticizes the paper making it hardier and more water-resistant.
Sumaya's Little Helper

Wrapping the Bottle with Canson Paper
Applying the Glue (Can you spot Sumaya's little helper #2?)

Cutting the Decorative Paper

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