Monday, July 23, 2012

Modified Upside-Down Planters

First let me explain my minor obsession with upside-down planters: I have limited space and tonnes of pets. These planters potentially offer me nearly 120 sq meters of planting space, that is of course if Sumaya allows me to plant the whole ceiling of our apartment. Another definite upside to these planters is that they consume much less water than traditional indoor planters. Nothing is lost through evaporation. I found myself watering the basil about 3-5 ml every 2-3 days which I think is pretty awesome.  So here's how I converted some latex containers to planters to address some the limitations of the recycled water-bottle planters. These planters were more efficient when it comes to repotting a full grown plant.

Latex putty containers, washed and dried thoroughly

Cut a circular opening in the base

Glue circular piece mesh while watching Hell's Kitchen
Using candle heat nail and puncture holes in lid, make sure the holes are punctured from the top of the lid to the bottom and not the other way round.

Put something heavy on mesh till glue sets
Basil in recycled water bottle upside-down planter

Basil stems adjusting themselves and turning upwards
Mint and Rosemary
Three planters in one room!!

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