Monday, July 16, 2012

Now for the Red Wrigglers!!

The EZ Roll Deluxe Chateau will be finally ready to receive only the most exclusive of guests in just two weeks (just as soon as all the fumes from the paint go away). Get ready Red Wrigglers you are about to wine and dine on the finest of food scraps in a beautiful breezy mesh-free composter!!

Lid on: This is what the composter looks like on any given day
The lid is resting on two iron rods
The lid resting under the two iron rods and on top of worms and food. The rods secure the lid so when the composter is rolled the rods hold the lid in place. This way the worms, food and compost don't end up mixing, leaving compost at bottom
Rolling: That's why its called the EZ roll composter
This is the base where all the good stuff (compost) is

These hanger bolts are all that stands in way of you and your awesome new soil, just unscrew and retrieve your soil, worm and food FREE!!


  1. Normal Pachin matte oil-based paint. According to the guy it is necessary to paint the composter to prevent rotting of the wood and that the paint should not have any adverse effects on either the compost or the worms.

  2. could u help me getting some worms and maybe a composter like this one :)?

  3. Hello Would you have the kindness to send me the dimensions of your achievement for me to achieve one, via Thank you